2012 Anti-Resolution FAIL!

Last year around this time I posted “Running, Giving, and an Anti-Resolution!” where I listed 12 goals for 2012. Here is a little recap of those twelve goals and how I did with them.

12 Goals for 2012 Recap!

  1. Become a better husband and leader
  2. Run 1200 miles in honor of the year 2012
  3. Run Chicago Marathon
  4. Shed 20 pounds in preparation for the Chicago Marathon
  5. Write the biggest offering check I have ever written
  6. Increase the 30% giving ratio (We didn’t increase, but we did maintain!)
  7. Obtain a 501c3 tax exempt status for Right Side Up Ministries
  8. Expand Right Side Up Ministries
  9. Build on to the Purpose Driven Running concept
  10. Design my own website
  11. Travel to ten new states I haven’t been to before
  12. Become a better communicator, and an all around better guy!

I know, I only reached a 25% success rate on my goals. In retrospect I can see how unrealistic I was with some of my goals for 2012. I can also see were I just fell flat and did not put enough effort into seeing them accomplished. Regardless of the reasons behind my failure, I really don’t have any regrets from 2012.

Dara and I accomplished quite a few things that never hit the list for 2012. For 3rd year missions we traveled to Thailand for six weeks. Upon finishing 3rd year mission school at Rhema we began traveling and responded to two disasters (Hurricanes Isaac and Sandy), we maintained our commitment to Abundant Life Campus and the work they are doing in Joplin, and we traveled all over the Continental United States. Together Dara and I have worked to focus our ministry’s mission while building on our marriage and learning to better balance real life and ministry. I went for a run on all three U.S. coasts, Atlantic-Pacific-Gulf Coast. We visited several new churches, built new relationships, and worked to build stronger relationships with those we already have. We have met some of the greatest people our country has to offer and seen the human spirit move to help those in need. Most importantly, we have seen God move and touch the lives of so many that were hurting, as well as on our behalf with health and provision. 2012 was a great year and 2013 promises to be even better.

Here is the revised list for 2013. Some of them are the same, some are new, but all are more realistic and obtainable goals.

12 Goals for 2013

  1. Read through the entire Bible
  2. Build a closer relationship with God
  3. Build a closer relationship with my wife
  4. Read 12 new books
  5. Maintain healthier diet, even while traveling
  6. Run 750 miles in 2013
  7. Run a Marathon
  8. Maintain and build on the 30% giving ratio
  9. Become a liscenced minister
  10. Incorporate Right Side Up Ministries
  11. Obtain a 501c3 tax exempt status for RSUM
  12. Travel to 5 new states and 1 new country 

Recently I heard a pastor say that a goal without a plan is just a wish. Reaching goals takes a plan and an action on our part. My goal is to finish 2013 stronger than 2012. These 12 steps are my action plan to see that happen.

What are your goals for 2013? Are they realistic or are you riding on a New Year’s Resolution high? What your plan to realistically accomplish your goals in 2013?

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