Kid President- A Voice for a Generation!

Kid President- A Voice for a Generation!

I absolutely love Kid President. I think the kid is amazing. I once read that he has a very rare disease that makes his bones extremely brittle, kind of like the Samuel L. Jackson character in “Unbreakable”. He has been known to unexpectedly break bones doing normal kid stuff, like dancing, which he loves to do. The amazing thing is that with this he continues to do what he does, be a kid. And he does it with a great spirit, doing a fantastic job at it. This short video is called “Letter To A Person On Their First Day Here”. It is an awesome letter to his nephew Miles, giving him some advise about what life has in store for him as he grows up. The reason I wanted to share this is because I think it follows a bit of what I said in my last blog post about living a “BIG” life.

I said in my last post, “And somehow, amongst this unspoken guilt lies a man who strives to become a person of impact.” This statement is probably one of the most profound revelations I’ve had about my own life in quite some time. This statement provides me with a life motivation that goes way beyond anything I have accomplished thus far. It tells me that when all is said and done that I want to be a person of impact. I want to be a profound world changer. I want to impact the world around me so much that it forgets who I am, yet embraces what my life stood for. This kind of impact is not easy to come by, yet I see so many people accomplishing it everyday. Take Kid President, for instance. He isn’t very old, yet I would bet that a majority of the people who watch him are adults. The things he says are said in a way that every kid in America can understand them, yet they are said with such profoundness that adults can get it as well. I don’t know his real name, but I can tell you that if he left this world tomorrow, I would forever remember him as Kid President and what he did to make the world a better place.

One of my favorite lines from this video is, “Treat everybody like it’s their birthday, even if they don’t deserve it.” What a novel idea! Treat people well, even if they don’t treat you so well! I believe this to be a key to long-term life success and to being a world changer. I’ll be honest, I don’t like a lot of what I see happening around me. In fact, I hate most of it, but you don’t know that by what I post on Facebook or Twitter. I see my role as a world changer to be more important than my role as a social media voice. Social media has a place, but it is not, and should not be, used as a sounding block for everything we hate in the world; we have the media for that. I find it interesting that so many of us hate the negative push of public media, yet when we have a chance for our voice to be heard on social media, we blindly follow suite with every negative thing we see. This really needs to stop. Let’s use social media to build people up. Let’s use it to show the positive side of life. We can use it to show our “enemies” that we actually do love them. Show the world that no matter how hard we get hit, we won’t give up on the good around us, and we won’t stop striving for great. Life totally sucks some times, I get it. People treat us like total crap when we don’t deserve it, I get that too. But we have an opportunity to make an impact in the world by how we treat those who misuse and abuse us. If you want to be known for something in your life, be known for this: let love be your legacy! Love others no matter what they have done to you. Treat them like it’s their birthday; after all, it’s what Kid President would do.

You can be liberal/conservative, Democrat/Republican, Christian/Buddhist/Muslim/Atheist, gay/straight/bi or whatever. It really doesn’t matter to me. It doesn’t fit into the criteria I have for a friendship with you. What does matter, however, is how you act and react toward me and others when we disagree with you or your belief system. Our belief system doesn’t make us any better or worse, smarter or dumber than anybody else in society. It doesn’t make us any more or less worthy of your time or friendship, but the way we treat people does. Yes, I am a Christian and I work full-time in ministry. If you want to talk about my beliefs, I will give you an uncompromising stance that I believe in Jesus Christ and Him crucified. If you don’t believe in what I do, that’s ok. If you don’t like it, I can’t help that. And also please do not mistake my disagreeing with you about things you believe to mean that I am bigoted, homophobic, unloving, intolerant, hateful, racist, sexist, close minded, narrow-minded, or closed off to other possibilities, because I am none of those. It simply means that I do not agree with you. That’s it, and it’s ok if we don’t agree. What I am trying to get you to understand is that it definitely does not mean that we cannot be friends. In fact, I like having friends that see things differently than I do. Friends that see things differently make me constantly search for the reasons why I believe what I do, pushing me to be a better person in life. After all, that is the real goal in life, to be a better person in.

So, in conclusion, let’s watch how we react to others around us. Again, I think Kid President says it best when he says, “Grown ups, it might be a little scary, but it’s true, kids are learning to be people by watching you…for real!” Somebody is looking up to you, what are you teaching them? What message are you really passing onto the next generation? What will your life really stand for in the end? Let’s work together to make the world a better place by treating “everybody around you like it is their birthday, even if they don’t deserve it.” Let’s keep the important things important and not let the not so important define us, and who we are as individuals. Strive to love the un-loveable and forgive the unforgivable.

I encourage you to take a moment to enjoy Kid President at his finest!

Some of my favorite quotes from Kid President:

  • “Grown ups, it might be a little scary, but it’s true, kids are learning to be people by watching you, for real!”
  • “Everybody has someone younger than them and they should be teaching them awesome stuff.”
  • “You are awesome! You’re made from love, to be love, to spread love!”
  • “Even if hate has a bullhorn, love is louder, so let your life be loud!”
  • “Your going to be important, and your going to do a lot, and your going to smell great, and don’t get too busy.”
  • “Treat everybody like it’s their birthday, even if they don’t deserve it.”
  • “We all mess up sometimes. The biggest mess up, not forgiving each others mess ups.”
  • “Take brain pictures…click…because amazing things will happen everyday!”

Thank you Kid President for helping me keep life in perspective. You are an inspiration to more than just your generation!

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