“Let them be the reason… not the excuse”

So often Scott and I meet people who say they would love to this, that, or the other that God has put on their heart, but they can’t because of their family.

It would be so easy to say we could not travel full time as a family because we have two kids under two. I mean, you should barely want to leave the house with two little ones, right? Trust me, we have plenty of those days, too.

But before God gave us our children, He also gave us our calling. Did you catch that? God gave us our kids, and God gave us our calling. There is no way that He would ask us to do something with our lives that we could not do because we had kids. That just would not be fair.

I have always felt like that was enough, like no other argument should be needed to convince someone that they should just step out and do what God is telling them to do. And then we had kids… and I discovered that honestly, it can be WAY harder to trust God when you know your decisions don’t affect just you. Now I am not just depending on God for my needs, but also for the needs of two little ones who count on us for everything.

When I am having one of those moments where logic is trying to get the best of me and my mind is trying to figure out how this is all going to work out, I have to remind myself that every single time we have stepped out to follow God’s leading and trusted Him with the details, He has provided every single thing that we needed. Today won’t be any different.

We want our kids to grow up knowing God- knowing His unfailing love, His constant provision, and His faithful friendship. But we also know that in order to demonstrate this in our own lives, we need to be walking out obedience to God daily. In other words, we need to take big steps of faith outside of our comfort zone to follow His will for our lives.

One of our biggest reasons for wanting to blog about our family’s adventures on the road is to inspire other families to follow God on their own adventures. We want everyone to know that life with Christ is meant to be an adventure- an adventure that should be shared with your kids.

Now God may not be telling you to pack up your kids and travel the country, but I can guarantee He is telling you to do something that is not comfortable- because He is a faith God who wants His children to take faith steps. If you have been using your kids as an excuse not to step out and obey, then STOP! Let them see you trusting God in your day to day life. Let them be the reason.