Have you ever waited for a house to dry out in a humid climate? It is kind of like waiting for a huge pot of water to boil, only way worse. The cruel joke of having hurricanes hit in humid areas is it takes FOREVER for the homes to dry after they have been gutted and sprayed for mold. That is kind of where we are at this week, in a holding pattern just waiting.

Scott has done a lot of waiting this week- waiting for homes to dry, waiting for teams to help, waiting for jobs he can do himself. Let’s call it a test of patience, one we may or may not be passing. I won’t tell you who isn’t passing it though! (Hint- the answer might surprise you.) Disaster relief work certainly is more of a marathon than a sprint, something the media does not like to portray.

This week I have been not so patiently waiting to go back to our house in Tulsa. I am anxious to wrap things up there and officially have just one home. I know that we have a deadline to be out of that house and will need to get a lot of things done quickly while we are there. I keep going over all of our belongings in my head, deciding what to keep and what to get rid of, as if that is going to help the process go faster!

Patience is certainly not my strong suit. In fact most days it is really, really hard to be patient. (I am bugging Scott to do something as we speak because he hasn’t done it in the five seconds since I last asked.) I have learned that one of the many downsides to being impatient is you miss out on the journey.

When you are rushing through life to get to the next stage or destination, you don’t take the time to enjoy where you are at. You can never truly go back in life and have a redo. I don’t want to be in such a rush to get to the next phase that I miss out on the things God has for me today.

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